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Exclusive : Guideknows meets with Airbnb Co Founder Nathan Blecharczyk

· Guideknows Team

Exclusive: Guideknows meets with Airbnb co founder Nathan Blecharczyk.

We were able to meet Nathan Blecharczyk in France. Nathan is the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Airbnb.
Airbnb is our biggest inspiration. And as it turns out, we had lots in common with Airbnb ! We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Anicette, Co-founder and chief executive officer of Guideknows spent weeks organizing this pivotal meeting with the project team.

We started off our meeting with Nathan by playing a Fast and Furious game in order to get to know him better. For each question, he was given two options and had to choose the best answer to suit his personality as quickly as possible.

Here are a few of the questions we asked:

1. Silicon Valley or Europe Valley? Nathan chose Silicon Valley
2. Hip-hop or Rock? Nathan chose hip-hop
3. Airbnb or Hotel? Not surprisingly, Nathan chose Airbnb
4. Donald Trump or Donald Duck? Which one do you think he chose?

Nathan then spoke to us about his experience as an entrepreneur in Airbnb. We were able to ask him a lot of questions during this time and his answers were very interesting.

In short, we mostly chatted about our company Guideknows and the unique value that the sharing economy offers. We really enjoyed speaking with Nathan. The harmony between Nathan and our team is at 1000%.

Guideknows at Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco

Our second appointment with Airbnb was at their headquarters in San Francisco. Visiting the Airbnb headquarters has been a long time dream for the Guideknows team, so it was really excited !

Thanks Nathan and Airbnb !

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