• Why connect with a Guideknows


    Guideknows are locals experts brimming with recommendations

    about the city they live in and love

    Time saving


    Save time scouring the web to plan your trip by opting to connect with a Guideknows instead, who will help you to navigate the destination with ease thanks to their local knowledge. Simply use our Guidebook and enjoy your trip.

    Personalized experience


    For your tailor-made trip, only see the parts that you're interested in by telling your Guideknows your special preferences and allow them to develop and create an experience made just for you.


    Best tips and tricks


    Guideknows are very familiar with the city you are visiting, they know the city in every detail, be prepared to enjoy

    all the best tips and tricks for a unique trip experience. Get to see your destination through a local's eyes.

  • What you will be getting

    Trip guidance

    The Guideknows will be interacting with you on a one-on-one basis, long before the trip commences in order to understand your travel needs. If need, there will be continued support in the course of your trip.

    Pre-arranged travel experience

    All travel arrangements will be secured well in advance of trip.

    Tell us what you want for your holiday and we make it possible.


    Your very personalized Guidebook

    You will receive from us your tailor-made travel Guidebook. This guidebook will contain local knowledge that will include custom itinerary, country-specific information, recommendations, maps, descriptions and pictures.

  • How it works

    There are three steps involved in ensuring that you get the very best

    in tailor-made travel experience from us.



    We get the right local Guideknows for your specific travel experience.



    Your Guideknows design your very own trip, in line with your expectations.



    Your personalized Guidebook will help you enjoy

    your visit.

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